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Are you baffled running to different health insurance consultants and carriers? Is looking for affordable health insurance plan for you (individual) and your family become a serious headache? If so, you should try buying health insurance online.

Health insurance online!! Nah… Not me… Guess that’s the general response people have been giving all this while. Time to change people.

While the old school technique of visiting the health insurance company’s office seems more feasible, you could be saving a lot of headaches if you tried doing the same thing online. Yes, it is true that health insurance is a very cumbersome department in America. There are so many different plans, different clauses within each plan, subsidies, deductibles, coinsurance, out-of-pocket expenses etc. gets really cumbersome to figure out.

“Why should I buy health insurance online?”, if you ask…

I will say, “umpteen benefits that why”…

Now, before you went asking further questions, let me give you 5 reasons why you should go online and buy health insurance plans.

#1- Multiple searches under one platform

Do you know how many health insurance carriers are there in America? 100 major ones, and then there are these small ones which are trying to come up to the limelight. The big ones like Aetna, Humana, Coventry, etc. have offices in every state of the USA.

Imagine visiting each of these offices to figure out who is giving you the best combination of health insurance plans. You will surely miss your Open enrollment 2017 deadlines figuring out which plans to buy. Do you think you can cite some event that qualifies you for Special Enrollment, 2017? If not, stay prepared to pay tax penalty (remember minimum $695 for a year).

#2- Faster work time

Let us say, you thought of buying through health insurance marketplace. You will stand in along queue, spending minimum 5 to 6 hours of your day, just to wait for your turn. In turn, we told you- go to www.healthinsurance.gov and enroll online. You do not spend your fuel to travel some kilometers and, you are not waiting on a long line for enrolling.

Also, how many options can you explore if you are physically traveling to each of these places, either to a private provider or a government exchange.

Of course, all is not green on the other side of the river.

Buying medical insurance online also means that you are trying to figure out everything by yourself. We suggest you should not do such things until and unless you have figured everything about the plan and the combinations you are going to buy. But, if you are still debating you will not buy health insurance online, let me present 3 more benefits of buying online.

#3- Widespread knowledge

You wish to know what all different healthcare plans are there. Even if you visited a consultant, he/she would not have the time to inform you in details about everything. There are a host of combinations that work according to your demographic features, the state you live in, your social and economic background. Moreover, in case you have migrated from one state to another, you will experience a lot of changes in the Medicaid facilities etc.

Once you are online, all you need to do is go to each page, leaf through the content and consult with your health insurance broker. You do not need to sit hours to understand which plan and combinations will work best within your budget and healthcare requirements.

#4- Quick and convenient health insurance planner

Almost any and every health insurance website will provide you with a health insurance quotes page to find which plans will work best for you. All you need to do is- enter your Zip Code and click on the tab.

You will receive a form that asks you to fill in the basic details, like- your income, number of people in the family, etc. Once you enter the details asked, you will get to see a list of plans that will work best within your income range.

Now, nobody is asking you to immediately pick a plan and fill up your healthcare enrollment form right away. But, what we are asking you is to be totally aware of the feasible options for you. You will receive this information most conveniently online.

#5- Access anytime and anywhere

You are a working mother with a toddler baby to take care of. You may not be able to visit the health insurance carrier offices or the marketplace 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. So, what is your option! Miss Open Enrollment because you cannot find the time to visit the place? You have a better option handy dear.

You may just go online and look at all the details while you are traveling to work, or ever late in the night. Hence, when you are looking for health insurance options online, you can do it from anywhere and anytime.

(We work hard so that this website reaches more people who do not know what part of the world to go, “our main objective is to ensure that you can find a place where you can enjoy your quiet holiday with your family, for which we are on this website.”.)


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